What are the Oxheberg nameservers?

Dependent on your service you opt for with Oxheberg, the nameservers will vary as we use multiple DNS clusters across the globe. Please see all of our nameservers below for each of the services we offer:

cPanel USA:

  • ns1.srvdns.io
  • ns2.srvdns.io

cPanel & DirectAdmin UK:

  • ns3.srvdns.io
  • ns4.srvdns.io

DirectAdmin USA:

  • a.ns.srvdns.io
  • b.ns.srvdns.io


  • ns5.srvdns.io
  • ns6.srvdns.io

If you are unsure on the service you are on with us, you may check this out via your services section of your client account.