How do I change PHP version within cPanel?

We understand not every client requires the same PHP version, as such in partnership with CloudLinux you have the ability to change your PHP version for your cPanel web hosting service with us using secure PHP versions. Before proceeding, we would recommend checking over the recommendations section of this article.

In order to change the PHP version, please firstly login to your cPanel hosting service with us. You may login to cPanel via your client area – for guidance on this, please see: How do I login to cPanel?

When you are then logged into the web hosting control panel, please navigate to the Software section and select Select PHP Version:

cPanel -> Software -> Select PHP Version

You will then be able to change the PHP version on your web hosting service by clicking the PHP dropdown and selecting a PHP version of your choice. Once you have chosen the PHP version you’d like to use, please press Set as current:

Set as current for PHP version within the PHP selector in cPanel

That’s it – the PHP version change should then take full effect within a few minutes as the local caches clear through.

Recommendations for PHP versions

If you are going to use a popular CMS such as WordPress, we would recommend where possible to use the higher PHP versions such as PHP 7.4+. You would however need to ensure your site is fully compliant with the newer PHP version(s). If you change the PHP version from PHP 5.6 to 7.4 and receive a blank screen or 500 error, it is likely your code isn’t fully compliant with the newer version of PHP and in this instance we would recommend either speaking with a developer, or going through your site to see which parts of your site work with the newer PHP version and take off any content that no longer supports the newer versions of PHP.

It is also worth noting, even though we do support older version’s of PHP such as 4.4 (which are hardened by CloudLinux), we would advise against using these as their security protocols may not be as tight within some applications.