What are the Oxheberg nameservers?

Dependent on your service you opt for with Oxheberg, the nameservers will vary as we use multiple DNS clusters across the globe. Please see all of our nameservers below for each of the services we offer: cPanel USA: ns1.srvdns.io ns2.srvdns.io cPanel & DirectAdmin UK: ns3.srvdns.io ns4.srvdns.io DirectAdmin USA: a.ns.srvdns.io b.ns.srvdns.io Plesk: ns5.srvdns.io ns6.srvdns.io If you are unsure on the service … Read More

How do I reset my cPanel password?

If you are unsure of your cPanel password and have forgotten it, you may reset your cPanel password via your Oxheberg client account. Once you are logged in to your client account with us, please click on services: When you have clicked on services you will be directed to a page that lists your active services with us. You will then need … Read More

How do I find my cPanel username?

To find your cPanel username, please firstly login to cPanel through your Oxheberg client account with us as outlined here. You may then retrieve your cPanel username by checking over the General Information within the cPanel sidebar. The Current User will be your cPanel username:

How do I login to cPanel?

You may login to your cPanel control panel with us either through your Oxheberg client account you have with us (allowing you to login without having to enter a username / password) or alternatively, you may login to cPanel via the direct URL which would require the input of your cPanel username and password. Login through the client area To … Read More

How do I change PHP version within cPanel?

We understand not every client requires the same PHP version, as such in partnership with CloudLinux you have the ability to change your PHP version for your cPanel web hosting service with us using secure PHP versions. Before proceeding, we would recommend checking over the recommendations section of this article. In order to change the PHP version, please firstly login to your … Read More